The most important thing about E-commerce:

Don’t fall into a trap!


An E-commerce takes a lot of work, organization and compromise.

Allow us to explain:

There are different strategies and types of internet commerce.

Nowadays E-commerce is a real need which allows the companies to reach buyers who prefers to buy on the internet.

Having an E-commerce is a way to diversify the profitability, increase average ticket and profits, thanks to lower costs in comparison with physical stores.

If you intend to reduce the stocks of your physical stores and not to build a digital brand, a marketplace is the best option for you.

A successful e-commerce requires structure and strategy aligned with internet environment.

Many Digital Marketing campaigns have been applied to in order to generate better sales results.

Think about the big players: Amazon, Ebay, Mercado Livre… they always try to deliver good sales experience as a way to compensate for the lack of
physical contact with the product.

Having a well built and digitally disseminated brand helps your company to convey security, an important factor in the purchasing decision process..

Good transaction systems, a reliable carrier, an intelligent logistics strategy and an attractive communication are the recipe for a profitable e-commerce. It sounds like a lot work to be done however Dgrau has the expertise to help your company to implement this process.

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